Build Your Board

Locally curated and designed gourmet cheese and meat boards that make your hostess job simpler by presenting a one-of-a-kind culinary experience for your guests.

Each Board includes: design, cheese, meat, wooden and/or marble board (s), accoutrements (jams, garnishes, crackers, honey, mustard, baguette, etc.), utensils, additional dishes and/or bowls, shopping and delivery, personalized set-up by owner and creative director, Mae and next day pick-up.


For 2-3 Guests 

1 Board

3 Cheeses

2 Meats 


Starting at $200*


For 4-10 Guests

2 Boards

5 Cheeses

4 Meats 


Starting at $300*


For 11-20 Guests

3 Boards

7 Cheeses

5 Meats 


Starting at $400*

For all events over 20 guests, please contact Boards directly for pricing and consultation.

*Please note that prices may vary based on cheeses, meats and accoutrements selected.