What if there are specific wooden/marble boards I have seen elsewhere that I want you to use?

I’m happy to purchase anything you specifically would like to be included in your Boards experience! We can review your ideas when we plan, and as long as time allows I will purchase anything necessary to make your Board absolutely perfect.

What if I want to keep everything?

My curated collection of boards, linens and utensils has taken years to acquire. I am happy to purchase anything new for you that you wish to keep and will add to the final Boards bill.

Do I have to clean up?

After throwing away or storing your own leftovers (if any!), simply place all dirty linens, utensils, bowls and boards in the plastic “clean up” bag provided, and I will take care of the rest. I pick up all “clean up bags” the morning after your event, unless otherwise specified.

How long does it take to set up?

Depending on your Board size, between 1-2 hours. I like to have everything perfect and guest ready 30 minutes prior to guest arrival.